Brief Post Budget Analysis 2023 CWGH

  The 2023 Health Budget allocation of only 11% has remained largely uninspiring given that it has not addressed the critical issues that we raised in our Pre-Budget position paper. It falls far short of the Abuja Declaration Target of 15%. Unfortunately the health budget remains grossly inadequate to address the critical needs in the health sector such as the current exodus of health workers, drug shortages, inadequate ambulances, and obsolete equipment. The inadequate public financing of the health sector has resulted in an overreliance on out-of-pocket and external financing…

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Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) Position Paper on the 2023 National Health Budget

Prof Mthuli

Key Sector Priorities and Considerations  Raising domestic public funds is essential for universal health coverage (UHC). No country has made significant progress toward UHC without increasing reliance on public revenues. Therefore, domestic tax systems that are essential to support country’s fiscal space expansion are central to the UHC agenda.  Ensure the allocation of at least 15% of the National Budget to health care in line with the Abuja Declaration target. Importantly, the Government must implement the Health Financing Policy and Strategy.  Prioritise primary health care for the…

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