Information and Communication


Information and communication is not implemented as a stand-alone project, but mainstreamed in all programmes. CWGH recognize the key role that media plays in information dissemination, education and awareness raising on various issues affecting communities. Through the intensive use of radio, newspapers, website and social media such as face book and twitter, CWGH has managed to communicate with its various publics as well as intensify its advocacy efforts. Via social media, CWGH share links to press releases, images from events and twitting directly to members of the media and bloggers to encourage them to cover the organizations’ events.

Advocacy, Policy and Legislative engagement- the network monitors the formation and implementation of health related government policies making relevant input to the government relating to these. It also advocates for voice and accountability in health, whilst spearheading a number of key national campaigns for improved healthcare. A success noted, has been the Inclusion of the right to health and health care in the New Zimbabwe Constitution.

To better advocate for health issues, and to influence stakeholders to commit themselves to policy resolutions, CWGH holds NATIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE, once a year. These conferences are attended by at least a 100 delegates among which include government officials, civil society, health worker associations, the media, policy makers, funding partners and parliamentarians. The most recently held conference for 2015 provided a platform for CWGH to advocate for improved availability and access to quality healthcare for Zimbabweans, held under the theme, ‘Towards UHC: Exploring sustainable health financing to achieve SDGs in the wake of non-achievement of MDGs in Zimbabwe’. It also provided an opportunity for networking and building alliances, sharing experiences and also documenting best practices for future programming. The conference resolved among other things to urge government to prioritise health by tapping into all national resources for the improvement of healthcare system and health delivery and to promote investment in community sustainable alternative ways of funding health. The 2015 national conference will run under the theme, ‘Towards UHC: Exploring sustainable health financing to achieve SDGs’